We started with a tons of enthusiasm.

· Agricultural, horticultural, hunting and related products
· Chemicals, chemical products and man-made fibres
· Coal, lignite, peat and other coal-related products
· Construction work
· Electrical machinery, apparatus, equipment and consumables
· Electricity, gas, nuclear energy and fuels, steam, hot water and other sources of energy
· Fabricated products and materials
· Food products and beverages
· Forestry and Logging industry
· Instruments and appliances,
· Industrial process control equipments,Optical instruments,Horological instruments.
· Machinery, equipment, appliances, apparatus and associated products
· Manufactured goods, furniture, handicrafts, special-purpose products and associated consumables
· Metals and associated products
· Mining, quarrying and other associated products
· Non-metallic mineral products
· Office equipments Computers and Supplies
· Paper and Pulp products
· Petroleum products and fuels
· Pharmaceuticals and Medical Supplies
· Telecommunication,Radio, Television and communication equipments and related apparatus
· Textiles and textile articles
· Transport equipment
· Wood, wood products, cork products, basketware and wickerwork
· Administration, defence and social security services
· Agricultural, forestry, horticultural and other related services
· Health and social work services
· Land transport services and transport via pipeline services (19)
· Real estate service
· Software Services

We care about the products we build

Quality is the essence of our organization. To ensure the quality of our products, we have recruited staff to strict quality control, work hard to ensure that our products meet international standards. To remain competitive need for more sophisticated solutions in the industry has forced us to follow an organized procurement with suppliers. Our partnerships with suppliers allow us the best quality known source of products that are known for their high quality standards. Further research and constant market for our buyers has helped us in analyzing the various suppliers and choose the best among them. Our diligent efforts to maintain friendly relations with our suppliers has allowed us the best satisfaction of our customers.

Storage and packaging

Our large warehouse is used as an effective tool to reach customers in different countries and regions. Spread over a large area, our warehouse has a high storage capacity. To facilitate a simple adjustment to the series, the basement was internally segmented into different sections. These sections provide easy access and fast retrieval of stored products at the time of shipment. In addition, we attach more importance to the packaging of our products to ensure their safety until they reach customers. To do this, we ensure that the package the packaging of our products are protected against any wear and tear during transport.